Friday, October 24, 2008

Not the October I'd Anticipated.

Where has Miss Crow been? Well, I've been SICK. On top of that, my business has usurped my life right now. I've got a major promotion going on this month and it has just sucked up my usual Halloween prep time. I had *planned* to have everything done for the promo by the end of summer, but well, that just didn't work out. SHAME ON ME!

That being said, my husband and I are wrapping up most of our planned Halloween props for 2008. (In truth, he's been riding my ass since August - I just haven't had the energy to get things completed. He is SOOOO disappointed with me!)

We have, however, managed to take our two year old son to a variety of farm markets, a pumpkin patch and the local cider press. This in my opinion, is more important, because he'll be two only once and it would be unforgivable to forgo those experiences.

In light of this, I submit a few pics from our Autumnal travels, until we take pics of our new props and this years display.

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Rot said...

I was beginning to worry. : )

Glad you're going to have a display this year.